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Jeneiene Schaffer, Producer

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Introducing our comedy feature film project border state


 If you loved Airplane! you'll love our new feature film comedy Border State.  

 Three wayward cows stray from an idyllic Mexican border farm, setting off a chain of zany events leading to war. 

  Border State gives a tip of the sombrero to absurdist satire of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s as it tells a modern story of politics, mayhem, and human frailty. Tensions along America's Southern  Border are set off by wayward Mexican cows and propelled by ten gallon hat egos, laconic space aliens, sketchy tourists, and rogue aircraft to anything-but-foregone conclusions. Border State is a crowd pleaser and a fresh, irreverent commentary on American Southern Border policy.  

Our top comedy talents

 Border State’s merry band includes both cast members and comedy writing talent from the best of the comedy film industry. 

From the powerhouse of edgy indie comedy, Troma Entertainment, we have on cast Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman whose credits include My Dinner with Andre (1981), The Toxic Avenger series (1985-2000), and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Fellow Troma talent Keith Marcellus “Mars" Parham (Jessicka Rabid, 2010) is signed to play U.S. President Malik Hussein Sanchez-Yutani Jenkins. 

We're also excited to have on board the comedy talents of  writer Derek Iversen whose well-known works include SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-2016), Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer (2017), and the Penquins of Madagascar (2011) with studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, and Nickelodeon.  Derek currently continues his comedy film work as Assistant Production Manager on the Animaniacs  reboot with Warner Bros. Animation Studio.

Border state is geared for market and investment success


2018 International Screenplay Quarter Finalist

The Border State screenplay is an award-nominated Quarter Finalist in the international Screencraft Film Fund equity competition for $30,000.


Border State film production is a project registered with the Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media. This allows our production team free access to skilled film industry professionals with the State of Arizona who provide extensive services and promotion opportunities. 


Border State film production will take full advantage of this rebate/discount program. Reel Savings is a pro-business, free-market program that allows the private sector to support the film and digital media industry in the State of Arizona. Participating vendors, like hoteliers, rental car operators, and restaurants, provide special discounts to out-of-state productions registered with the Arizona Office of Film & Digital Media. Discounts provide immediate savings production costs with no delays or paperwork.  Additionally, public sector agencies Arizona State Parks and Trails and Arizona Department of Transportation provide "no fee" permit applications for use of state parks, state roadways, and highways. Other local governments provide similar savings for filmmakers. 

Who we are * who we support * Invest in border state

Jeneiene Schaffer, Producer


 Six years of professional film industry experience. Completed four feature film screenplays. Script consultant for award-winning director. Jeneiene is the Strategic Planning Director and member of the Board of Directors for the Dam Short Film Festival, in its 17th year and the biggest film festival in Nevada. Additionally, she sits on the film screening committee for the Festival.  Past Board Member with Independent Film Arizona, a nonprofit agency promoting independent film and filmmakers in Arizona. 

Experienced and exceptionally successful grant writer supporting environmental and social justice nonprofits. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Organizations, Donor Cultivation, Event Management, Fundraising, and Marketing Strategy. Has raised over 20 million dollars to date. Social media and marketing strategist with a specialty in content-trending narratives and conceptual art.  

The Border State Story


Hello my name is Jeneiene Schaffer and I am the producer of Indie Film International LLC based from Las Vegas, Nevada. Together with Tucson, Arizona’s Southern Arizona Video Productions film studio, we bring the comedy feature film project Border State.

And if you loved the movie Airplane! you’re sure to enjoy our film Border State.

But this is so much more than a fun, captivating crowd-pleaser. It is a call to awareness, to action, to understanding. Border State’s journey began with the infamous Arizona Senate Bill SB 1070 which many around the world considered to be no more than a law legalizing racial profiling. And as we all know, immigration politics of both parties have not brought resolution to the on-going crisis along the Southern Border.

Our film Border State is a comedy but it is also universal in appeal. Just as Peter Sellers used comedy to highlight the absurdity of the nuclear arms race in his famous movie Dr. Strangelove, Border State uses comedy to highlight the absurdity of border crises around the world. Border State takes place along America’s Southern Border, but it could easily take place in border conflicts around the globe.

Your support will do so much more than bring an entertaining movie to the screen with a seasoned crew, a well-established director, and a 2018 Quarter Finalist in an international screenplay competition. You will bring people of diverse backgrounds together through laughter.

Part of our proceeds through your support will go towards RAICES in San Antonio, Texas - a nonprofit legal aid agency helping immigrants along the Southern Border. And we with Indie Film International can think of no better mission at this important time in history.

So let’s get to it! Welcome to the team and thank you so much.

Production Film Studio


Most of our filming will be on location in Southern Arizona near the Southern Border with Mexico. We have teamed with premier film studio Southern Arizona Video Productions located in Tucson, AZ. They are strong and active supporters of Border State and have donated $80,000  in-kind services towards the production. 

They are Tucson's only full production studio for live events and feature films. Their crew shoots on 1080, Super 35 film, and 4K video and stocks full HD wireless cameras and can live stream with embedded website video. Services include several productions trucks, an ENG van and a full service video production trailer. 

Colten Dietz, Director


Colten has been featured for his directorial prowess in Motion Picture and Television Magazine (US), Province Newspaper (British Columbia) (US), and made the cover of The Movie Times (US).  He has 24 Director credits in film and television including 3 recent episodes for the TV series The Devil's Pit on the Starz channel and an episode on Amazon Prime's TV series Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer. 

Border State is Both a Comedy and a Film with Purpose


RAICES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency based in San Antonio, TX that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees. 

Border State's producer, Jeneiene Schaffer, pledges her producer's fee of $30,000 towards RAICES to help people in crisis along the Southern Border. A percentage of ticket sales and future sale of the completed film will also be donated to RAICES. Our company's commitment to help those struggling for safety and a better future for themselves and their families keeps us focused on making Border State both an entertaining movie and a film with purpose. 

Wefunder: America's Most Popular Equity Crowdfunding Site


Wefunder is reviewing our company's application for equity crowdfunding. To get a great overview of our company and of Border State, visit our profile on Wefunder - link in the box below. 

Meet the Characters of Border State

Meet the characters, our attached talent, and the talent wish list. 

Keep up to date with border state on youtube

Watch us and subscribe to our YouTube channel Persuade Media for Border State updates, writing and fundraising tips, and field trips to film set locations!

Please enjoy this micro short "Cowbug" from video artist Elizabeth Horner aka @lizzie6eyes -- her work will be in Border State! 

support border state film production

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our production goals and begin filming Border State in 2020. 

Your generous donations will also promote our mission of Southern Border awareness. Join the time-honored tradition of awareness and activism through film and entertainment. 

Exciting incentives are offered including cool swag, on film set meet and greet photo ops, and Executive Producer credit. Contact us below for questions, feedback, and scheduling a meeting with Border State Producer Jeneiene Schaffer. 

All funding is held in escrow with our Wells Fargo Indie Film International, LLC business account.  No funds will be released until all necessary production funding is secured. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Border state Production budget

Cost Reduction Anticipated Due to Registration With Arizona's "Reel Savings Rebate/Discount Program"

Budget Prepared by:  Colten Dietz 

Writer & Story Rights 10,000 

Producer - 30,000 (waived, will raise for donation to RAICES)

Director 15,000

Principal Cast 100,000

Extras 6,000

"B" - PRODUCTION COSTS ("Below-The-Line Production")

Art Department - Labor 20,000 

Grip/Set Operations - Labor 16,000 

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe - Labor 15,000 

Camera Dept (+drone)- Labor 15,000 

Production Sound - Labor 7,200 

Electrical/Lighting - Labor 8,000

Studio and Location Expenses 7,000 

Unit Catering and Craft Service 14,000

Transportation Expenses 3,000

Art Department/Props - Expenses 10,000 

Grip & Electric/Lighting - Expenses 25,000 

Camera & Sound - Expenses 10,000

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/SFX - Expenses 8,000 

Production Support 8,000

First Aid/Utilities 300

Insurance 2,500

Contingency 10,000

"C" - POST PRODUCTION COSTS ("Below-The- Line Post")

Picture Editorial 8,000

Post Sound 5,000

Music 5,000

Versioning/Closed-captioning 2,000 



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